Weird dream

painting, acrylic on wood, 2 x 1 m


Do not try to keep something or someone in your life. This will only cause you to suffer. Look around. Nature is very wise. Everything is made up of elements. If you try to hold fire, you will burn yourself. If you hold wind or water, they will run away through your fingers. Everything is born free. Your task is simply to create conditions for a fire to burn brightly, but not to keep it, otherwise it will consume you. Freedom is the most important. Give freedom to people and things around you, do not keep them, do not cling to them, to the ideas about them and then you will create favorable conditions for their free life and for the lives of others. People will tend to be with you because you are giving them something that is most important for them, and that is freedom.

And here’s an explanation for the dummies that need a specific interpretation of the picture and are ready to play about with a very vague “conception” and shower me with one thousand not stupid but annoying questions. So, this is what you can see in the picture. A man, who is depicted in five different body positions, has a strange restless dream. One of the characteristics showing that we see uneasy dreams is constantly moving our head and rolling it from side to side. In order to create a feeling of “anxiety” I painted the man several times by placing his images one on top of the other. There is a woman’s image in the center of the composition. It has no legs and that is why it seems restrained and constrained. Her right leg, moving ahead goes beyond the frame of the picture. This makes the image — which is still trying to move despite the absence of arms and legs — more dynamic. 

It is obvious that we are talking about the relationship between a man and a woman. The dream involves sexual memories that are clearly demonstrated on the female body. Some space is left for personal interpretation and perception of the paintings by each of us. The freedom story above is only able to provide an incentive for new ideas. The ideas themselves will depend on our personal experience.