project "monsters of modernity" #4

painting, acrylic on wood, 2 x 1 m


You'll be exploding again and again ...

Just a sound, a few strokes, a few words, and your reality is covered by a familiar and sweet condition. You will feel bad and you will be suffering, you have already regretted what you have done so many times before but you are stepping into this abyss again and you are going to explode.

This temperature, shivering, and weightlessness. You are moving away from Earth into a beautiful dark sky, the cold is penetrating you, but you are anticipating what lies ahead of you and you are fainting with cold. You don’t know where you will drift to this time but you just lie down obediently into the air flows and throw your hands to the sides. You close your eyes and escape from this world. Everything becomes beautiful, and you do not want to return to your sick reality with its fears, illnesses, and ugliness. And you wouldn’t come back but your reality was intruded into and everything broke against someone else's voice like a fragile porcelain bowl.


Monster "Drugs", that is "drugs", not drug addiction, lives with us. I can’t judge and say that it is bad as everyone has the full and inviolable right to do what he wants. But this monster destroys people.