Lost individuality

project "monsters of modernity" #2

painting, acrylic on wood, 2 x 1 m


This monster is generated by a blurred identity. To have one’s own identity, we need to know our cultural background. But this is not specified by a desired, supposedly ʺidealʺ culture, but rather by the culture where we have our roots. Yet in a world of boundless cultural diversity, we are cursed to search permanently for our identity. And without identity, there is no individuality.

            An image to illustrate our cultural horizon: We are moving in a spiral where every new trend is a repetition of something that has occurred before. Picture this spiral starting thin, and becoming thick at the end. Our life proceeds along this spiral. From today we look back to the beginning, into the past. Yet we keep on moving with ever faster rotations. If you see this image, you can understand the overview we have today of everything that has happened before. Humanity has created an incredible number of fascinating objects and theories. A person who sees all this can be overloaded with information, and lose his own individuality.

            The world of art is becoming more and more universal, all cultural boundaries are disappearing. Today it is possible to communicate with all of humanity in a universal form of expression that can be easily understood by anyone. However, could this new contemporary language lead to the equalization of all people?


I believe excessive diversity has created a nondescript era. And paradoxically, every attempt made by modern designers to invent something new, will increase the equalization of our age.