Monsters of Modernity

Installation "Monsters of Modernity"

event, installation, mixed media, 15x3x3 m


At the beginning of this semester, I wanted to display about ten works, but like many other artists, I was faced with the problem of "where?" My inspiration was spontaneous, so there was little point in thinking about conventional galleries, because everything has been scheduled well into the middle of next year. Under the circumstances, I realized I had few options other than a restaurant, hotel, bar, or some studio.

     Such solutions are unacceptable, because my art is not the kind of benign material which can hang in peoples’ faces while they chew pasta, for example. So my next step was to look for possible alternatives on the street, especially because the summer weather is generally delightful. Of course, exhibiting outside brings along fresh challenges, such as rain, wind, and vandalism. One solution I developed would be to print the picture on a banner, which is impervious to wind or rain. Because such banners rely on tension to be properly displayed, I developed a frame that would support the work.

      Unfortunately, outdoor exhibits normally require municipal permits in order to display them. To avoid delays awaiting permits from authorities, I made my design completely portable by integrating wheels into the frame (which, incidentally, also helps to minimize vandalism). Because the basic concept of the work is in opposition to rules and regulations, its presentation is truly in the same spirit, hopefully providing some inspiration as well as a bit of art to passers-by. I am so enthusiastic about this project that I have begun to work on the next installment in what will become a series.