project "monsters of modernity" #5

painting, acrylic on wood, 2 x 1 m


Life is whirling around, filled with excitement and outbursts. People love you and this fact speaks for itself. Your perfection is admirable, but there are dark tangles of your spirit, of you yourself behind any perfect image. There are things that you’ve never told anyone, the most sincere and tender, the lightest and the most defenseless, something that has never looked into the eyes of those people with whom you shared your life-asserting energy, has never been heard and has lived in your ugliest and the most undistinguished mysteries and events.

And now let’s attract the beautiful phrases from the world above onto the ground and let’s give clear explanations of how they are related to what is painted. I don’t like making such detailed descriptions about my paintings, but I want those few spectators who are really interested in my work to find all the interpretations they have come for. If you want at least one person to understand what you are trying to say, then you just need to start telling.

So, this woman is a perfect image, not a model or an ideal, but perfection under the conditions of social life, a person devoid of faults from the public’s point of view. The body is painted in an unnatural scale of colors to emphasize the perfection, to deprive the image of humanness.

In the picture, the woman is taking out a fragment of her body and some disorderly, unaesthetic branches sticking out in all directions appear in front of our eyes. Among them one can see a little womanly figure, looking much livelier than a perfect cold body from which she is running away. It is this little girl who is the personification of the most sincere and tender, the lightest and the most defenseless, of what we have discussed before.


In order to enhance the contrast between the inner and outer parts I have used colors of the opposite spectrum and different techniques - airbrush for external perfection and painting for the inner part.