Who is in charge?

painting, acrylic on wood, 2 x 1 m


The painting “Who is in charge?” is my question to those who create problems , wars, and instability in the country, who will bear responsibility for them. And the key question is not about punishment but about hundreds of thousands of “ordinary” people who have to exist on the verge of the impossible in this country. How could they create such a situation in Ukraine? What kind of a purpose can justify the inexpressible number of ordinary people’s tragedies?

Their personal difficulties certainly are not so important on a scale of a country’s policy. Those who run the country are “ordinary” people, too. What moral right did they have to lead the country to poverty, trying to pursue their own interests such as enrichment and going down in history? Nonsense! Sometimes I ask myself, too, whether the human race deserves to survive...

The painting depicts a chessboard on which the plot develops. Hands in cuffs are moving in a dance. They are playing their game, and they are not embarrassed by the fact that they are playing with human beings. Their monstrous beaks and mouths are crammed with human heads. And as it customary in the world of politics: there are always a lot of versions, but there is never a single answer. It is for this reason that I duplicated the “faces” of monsters lots of times.