Your fake grins fit with your fake faces

installation, acrylic on wood, 2x2


This work was conceived at the very moment when the concentration of such people exceeded the norm. I drew a small sketch, but the next day, when the unpleasant impressions had vanished and the idea had lost its topicality, everything was forgotten. A short time afterwards, I just saw the sketch which I really liked and which could serve as a motive for my first airbrush piece. The work was done in black and white, which was rather convenient for learning, and represented difficult but familiar forms such as a skull and a portrait. These forms were convenient for practicing, too. To my surprise, the work turned out to be worthy of being presented to the public. The installation turned out to be experimental for me in all respects. It was in this picture that I first introduced a moving element. I really enjoyed it and I plan to develop it in the future.


I am sure that each of us has said something along these lines at least once, “I’m sick and tired of his or her smile from ear to ear and endless greetings whenever we meet! Behind my back... or in reality he /she is trying to please everyone … and so on ...”