oil on panel, 2x2,4 m


I created the “People-Butterflies” series in the bathroom as it is this small room that one associates with trapped moths that are attracted to light, which they fly through the dark flat of the person living there alone as he takes a shower before going to bed.

People-Butterflies are considerably bigger than ordinary people and anyone standing in front of the painting can really feel this. People-Butterflies are bigger, stronger, more beautiful. They don’t need dwellings, families, money, rules and other conveniences of society. What they need is light. This is what they are aiming for when they fly through the dark.

      A bathroom is a trap, a place where it is always either light or dark. And People-Butterflies sooner or later begin to realize that their movements make no difference and they die.


And the moral of this story is:

Darkness in the bathroom is not the life we want when there is no hope for it to change.

The light in the bathroom is stability and prosperity, the end of which we cannot see.

The light is a guide that represents dreams.