Come undone


The “Come undone” series consists of three paintings, which illustrate how a person transforms into an artist. The metamorphosis starts with a “kiss”, conveying the message that becoming an artist begins with such a tender and exciting touch. It is reminiscent of the tale The Princess and the Frog where a frog had to be kissed to turn into a prince. In the case of the artist, the “kiss” symbolizes the same kind of transformation. But it is not only the transformation of one‘s body, it is the transformation of one‘s spirit as well.

            In the second painting the “Immersion”, one can see a person falling into an abyss. The intense body and flattened breasts in her hands symbolize the pleasure on the verge of suffering. This is a voyage of self-discovery, exploring one’s feelings and interaction with the outside world, which is experienced by every artist who sets off down this rocky road.

In the third picture, the “Penetration” depicts the “artist’s” consciousness and the point in time when ideas are created. The white colour symbolizes the internal source of fantasy of each and every one of us. At the moment this fantasy is unleashed, it is ready to give birth to a countless number of new images and ideas. Various fantasy creatures emerge from the artist as shown in the picture. These ideas fly into different directions that are still under development.

            All three pictures are painted against different backgrounds, ranging from white to black. The middle picture is a transition between the white and the black background, between the world of mortals and that of an artist.


The concept of this design is in a rhythmic column structure with four angular cross sections, that creates the illusion of a forest. The image of a forest as the foundation of thisinstallation has been chosen for the following reasons:

• This column arrangement creates a three dimensional structure, that is used as the mounting for the images, and accordingly creates the perception of a three dimensional image

• The installation is interactive (it is not just an object to look at, but one that you can enter, and then explore the world of the artist). This allegory is already interesting on its own.


Our working team

Darina Mo Mot

concept, design

Fedorov Nikita


Kabanov Ivan

3D Designer


oil paintings & digital processing

original paintings without computer processing

oil painting on panel, 80x200 cm (each picture)