wall, acrylic on wood, 4x5


“One can agree that this object is “A Blond”, but this kind of a name brings about completely different associations. The associations are just the opposite. Why did you call your painting like this?”

 “To tell you the truth, the name didn’t appear as a result of careful considerations, it was the first word which occurred to me when Frau Franga who was about to close the programme with the leaflet of events for the “InterPro” festival, asked what the title of my canvas was. The name “A Blond” came about and stayed. The name was as absurd as the description in the picture. I just liked the way they complemented each other”.

 “What do you mean by calling the painting “absurd”?

 “I mean the situation in which a person is destructive due to the circumstances that he had created himself. I’ll explain you the logic of my considerations: the world is made up of mountains, seas, wind. It is unchanged. Our world – the world of events, emotions, desires, successes and failures consists of our attitude to each of these events. People who are around you were invited by you. The places you are at are visited by you. The situations you find yourself at are preconditioned by you. The whole world is you yourself. So we shouldn’t blame the world, we should just see what we have done wrong and redo it, we should do ourselves a favour. And in this picture we can see a man who was tied (bound) by his own hands. This painting is the reminder that we always find ourselves in the places to which we came ourselves”.

“What materials did you use?”

“The painting was done by an only sponge roller. I took it into my hands when I was rolling the black background and couldn’t leave it for these five days. It’s a pity there was practically nothing left of it by the end of five days so I had to paint a dew details with brushes. The paints were the cheapest meant for internal works. I didn’t even pay attention to the manufacturer’s name. They were very bad and laid with a very transparent layer, but these faults made me get adjusted to them and the work got a “multilayer effect” and, this also accelerated the process of painting”.