Drawn face

performance, acrylic on wood, 3 x 3 m



Between what I think

what I want to say

what I think I’m saying

what I say

what you want to hear

what you think you hear

what you hear

what you want to understand

what you think you understand

and what you understand

there are at least ten chances

that we will not understand each other

Nevertheless let’s try!

Bernard Werber


During the performance the group of actors, without discussing anything in advance, all became part of one face and entered into dialogue with the audience by creating different movements. It was like a training exercise on how to work together as a group. The actors had to be attentive to all members of the group, they followed their movements and facial expressions, and picked up on what they wanted to say, in order to create and maintain a dialogue with the audience. If the interaction between the actors was disrupted, the audience got bored with watching the group’s chaotic work and they left the area. On the contrary, when the face really became a face and started to express clear emotions that could be easily interpreted, the audience stayed for a longer time. Accordingly, the audience were familiar with the tasks of the performance, which explains why they were constantly commenting on what was going on, leading them to prompt the actors. Thus (in this way) we managed to reach the state of the affinity and to show how considerate attention (being considerate) to the people around us can change our living space.


The performance was held at Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.